Why Choose Good Design Access Interior Design Services in Wesport, CT

I developed Good Design Access to provide residential interior styling and design services that integrate function and style to create elegant, streamlined environments. As an artist, I understand the soothing effect of beauty and that a balanced, harmonious space promotes a sense of calm amidst the distractions of everyday life. My design approach unites an artist’s keen awareness of line and form with an interior designer’s attention to detail and sensitivity to materials.

I am an artist, a photographer, a certified Yogadance instructor, and a mother. Each of these roles informs my work as an interior stylist and designer.

Through my work as a visual artist, I’ve developed sensitivity to the relationship between objects and empty space. From dancing, I bring my sensitivity to bodies moving through space. As a mother, I strive to create a peaceful, loving environment in which my children will thrive. Whether designing a new space or reimagining an existing one, living simply and ecologically doesn’t have to come at the cost of style or comfort.

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An interior is a natural projection of the soul.
- Coco Chanel
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